Lazy Brown Dog

Animal Communication


             Behavioral Issues     Household Dynamics     ​Better Understanding                                                           

Physical Concerns      Preparing For Change      Aging Pets and Transitions    


   Choosing A Rescue     Spiritual Relationships    Animals In Spirit


New Household Additions     Animal Well-Being & Healing     Lost Animals​​

Session Options:

30 Minutes / $75  /  1-2 animals / Remote Only---------------------------------------

45 Minutes / $100  /  2-3 Animals / In Person* or Remote------------------------

60 Minutes / $150  / Multiple-Animal Households 

                                     In Person* or Remote--------------------------------------------

30 Minutes / $75  /  Animals In Transition-----------------------------------------------

30-40 Minutes / $75 / Loved Ones In Spirit / Mediumship------------------------

* Due to COVID19 Lisa is not presently doing In Person Sessions.

How does it work?

Animals communicate telepathically; with mental imagery, in their unique voice, and with emotion.
They are talking amongst themselves, and with us, all the time on an "information superhighway," 
yet most of the time we are too caught up in our own thoughts and activities to hear them.  Imagine animal communication as akin to airwaves that transmit news, images, and music to our devices. The transmitter is ready and waiting for us to receive its downloads, but if we aren’t tuned in to that particular frequency or channel, or if there is too much interference or static, we can’t hear it.
It works the same way with animals.  And by the way, I can teach YOU to telepath with animals, too!