A Virtual Learning Series


Learn to telepath with animals.

Discover Your Unique Style.

Build a Bridge.

Transform relationships!

Session 1: The Art and Science of Animal Communication

Session 2: Animal Communication Special Topics

Session 3:  Our Animals In Transition,

Our Animals In Spirit, and Spirit Animal Guides

Session 4: Animal Communication Review, Trouble-shooting, and Q & A

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  • The Art of Communicating with Animals  - Amelia Kinkade; Language of Miracles Institute

  • Getting the Heart & Brain in Sync: How love Connects Us – Dr. Rollin McCraty

  • Of course it's normal to grieve for the loss of a beloved animal – Diane Jones

  • Explore Your Past Lives – Mary Lee LaBay

  • Connecting To Our Animal Spirits

​       – Lisa Brown

  • Reiki for Elderly Dogs – Kathleen Prasad

  • Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond – Kateena Jones

  • Yoga for Happiness (Isha Yoga & Meditation) – Avanti Pethe

  • Kindred Spirits – Dr. Allen Schoen DVM

  • The Tesla Principle; Blending Science, Spirituality, & the Wisdom of the Animal Kingdom – Dr Susan Wagner

  • Get Into The Vibe – Sally Morgan

  • Discovering Your Dog’s End of the Leash          – Dr. Shelly Volsche

   Enjoyable, Empowering, Uplifting...

"I had the good fortune to participate in Lisa's first animal communication series taught via the Zoom medium, and I'm SO glad I did!


Lisa filled the class sessions with a myriad of tools to use in an enjoyable, empowering and uplifting way. The class members had the opportunity to practice these tools ourselves during the sessions, both with one another as well as on some animal volunteers, and it was heartening to see how many things we all picked up on even after such a short time. I will continuing to practice what I learned, and

I recommend Lisa's class wholeheartedly!

               -Sarah F.,  Arleta, CA

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I Learned A Ton...


"I fully enjoyed the class and the people in it. This is the first time in a long time that I was in a group with others who wanted to know more about this subject. I had so much fun and learned a ton...the best Saturday in a very long time."


                     -Liz B-G., New Berlin, WI

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