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Healing Intuition for Animals

                            Animals in Transition

Lisa Brown Animal Communicator



You want to do the right thing for your pet.  You don't want to see them suffer, keep them hanging on too long. or let them go too soon. You want to feel at peace with their transition, and even know their "bucket list."

Animal Communication can be very helpful for you by giving your animal a voice about what is important to them as they prepare to make the change of worlds.

Charlie's Transition

January 18, 2006 ~ June 27, 2019

The Transition session was extremely beneficial for our family and our younger dog to prepare, understand, accept, and let go of our best friend and companion, which occurred one week later.  Lisa's gift of animal communication gave our elderly dog, Charlie, the ability to share his thoughts and wishes for him and for us.  He reminded us to continue to find lightness and joy as our lives continue without him.  Our younger dog, Harvey, was able to express his needs and concerns as well.  We felt his love, comfort, and peace.  That is what he asked us to do.  

-Judy C. New Berlin, WI

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Ayurveda For Dogs





"Ayurveda is the knowledge and science of life."

Ayur = Science  Veda = Life

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that originated in India.  Traditional Chinese medicine,

as well as Greek and Tibetan medicines all have their origins in Ayurveda.  



Ayurveda seeks to uncover the root causes of dis-ease instead of merely treating symptoms. With over 5,000 years of "clinical trials" it hasn't changed its position with the latest greatest science or recalled a remedy. 


Ayurveda is applicable in the treatment of animals

as well as people, and modern medical science is increasingly validating what this ancient holistic

medicine has known at its roots for thousands of years.



Animals experience the world through an energetic filter; they read and respond to the energies of every person, animal, place, or circumstance they encounter. An energetically-balanced body, one that is open and flowing, has access to the body’s correct physiological responses and innate healing intelligence. 

Reiki utilizes the healing power of the "Universal Life Force,"  while Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA)

is an energy field therapy, specifically attuned to

animals,  that can support their bodies to self-heal.

Dewy Flowers


Flower Essence Therapy

In the wild, animals naturally gravitate to specific flowers and plants to heal from their electrical  

patterns and healing properties. Every flower

holds a specific electrical pattern indicating how

that plant successfully solved its evolutionary challenges of adaptation, natural selection, healing,

and radiant self-expression. Nature has the answers!

Nature knows how to heal.

Domesticated animals do not have this same freedom. Green Hope Farm Flower Essences can help animals

to improve their health and emotional well-being. The flower drops are easy to administer, and SAFE for all.


* I am not a licensed veterinarian. I cannot clinically diagnose illness or prescribe medication for any animal.

Please consult with your licensed veterinarian regarding any health-related information that is communicated to you.